Special Sale: February 18, 2024

McAlester Union Stockyards

February Quality Replacement Sale Synopsis


On Saturday, February 17th, 2024 we sold 400 replacement cattle to a standing room only crowd of buyers from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Demand was strong for the top end of Pairs, Bred Heifers, Cows, and Bulls with 100 buyers.


The top selling heifer pairs were a fancy set of Angus Plus Heifers with 150lb black calves on their side that sold for $2150 per pair. The top selling cow pairs were a fancy set of 4 year old Angus Cows with 300lb black calves on their side that sold for $2575 per pair. The balance of the pairs sold in a range of $1650 to $2850.


The top selling bred heifers were a nice stout set of Angus Heifers bred to a LBW Angus bulls that sold for $2500 each. Bred heifers of various sizes, flesh condition, and stages of pregnancy brought between $1450 to $2500.


The top selling bred cows sold for $2450 per round. These cows were a nice set of 5 year old Angus Cows in the 3rd stage bred to an Angus bull. The balance of the bred cows were carrying some age and various stages of pregnancy, brought $1425 to $2450.


The top selling bulls were a set of Bald Face Sim Angus that brought $6700. The balance of the bulls sold in a range from $2500 to $6700.


The next Special Replacement Sale is scheduled for April 2024. Consignments are open. A special thanks to all consigners, buyers, and everyone that attended the sale. We stand by our tradition of hard work, honesty, and integrity, and would like to be your market of choice!



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