April 18th Special Sale

                  Special Replacement Cow & Bull Sale

                               McAlester Stockyards

                          Saturday April 18th at Noon

Selling over 600 head Bred Heifers, Open Heifers, Bred Cows, Pairs, & Bulls!

100 Black & Black Mot Heavy Springing Heifers bred to lbw Angus bulls OUT

10 Black & Black Baldy Fall Calving Heifers bred to lbw Sim-Angus & Angus bulls

60 Angus/Brangus Bred Heifers  900# Bred to proven lbw Gardiner and Sim-Ang bulls

20 Charolais Cross Bred Heifers out of Tigerstripe Cows bred to lbw Red Angus Bulls to start calving September 1st for 45 days! 900#

45 Black Angus 1st Calf Heifer Pairs Calves out of GAR Daylight! PI negative tested Herd!

25 Angus Influence 1st Calf Heifers Pairs Fancy set of heifers with calves out of Angus bulls

5 Charolais 1st Calf Heifers Pairs calves out of Angus bulls

60 Super Baldy & Black Baldy Cows coming with their 3rd calf bred to Gardiner Angus bulls few pairs by sale day

40 Black & Black Baldy Heavy Springing Cows bred to Angus bulls some pairs by sale day

50 Black Cows Running Age Complete Herd Dispersal some pairs by sale day

40 Black & Black Baldy Pairs running age

40 Mixed Cows Running Age bred to Angus & Charolais bulls some pairs by sale day

15 Corriente Predominantly Solid Colored Cows 4-6 yr olds bred to Corriente bulls some pairs

2 Commercial Angus Cows bred to 3yr old bull also selling in this sale

25 Angus/Limi Cross Open Heifers 650-700#

5 Angus & Black Mot Open Heifers 650#

30 Black Angus Based Open Heifers Home Raised 925-950# OUT

35 Hereford Open Heifers 800# OUT

7 Tigerstripe Open Heifers 750#


18 Angus  14 mon. to 3 yrs Some Registered          3 Red  Angus 1000#

2 Red Simi-Angus 17-24 mon.                                2 Charolais 15-18 mon.

1 Maine-Angus 15 mon.                                          3 Sim-Angus 15 Mon.-3yrs

3 Maintainer -18 mon. Flush Mate Brothers out of Irish Whiskey

1 Maine-Angus-Char Cross 18 mon.

New Buyers Need to Register Before Sale Day!

For new consignments see our website www.mcalesterstockyards.com

Office: 918-423-2834